Floor Maintenance

Wooden floors offer several benefits to the homeowner:

  • They are easy to clean and maintain by simply wiping the floor with a common household cleaner or a damp cloth will be sufficient.
  • They contribute to a healthy environment, as solid wood surfaces do not trap dust mites, hairs, pollen or other allergens and this creates better air quality for all.
  • Wooden floors helps prevent the build-up of harmful toxins as solid wood floors greatly reduce the accumulation of such toxins.
  • Wooden floors are environmentally friendly.
  • A durable flooring surface is cost-effective, over a lifetime, solid wood floors represent the best value Rand for Rand
  • Hardwood floors improve the structural integrity of a building as once installed in a home they are one of the best natural insulating materials, helping to conserve energy resources and reduce heating bills in winter.
  • The natural beauty and individuality that comes from unique textures, colours, patterns and styles. As a product of nature, solid wood flooring offers qualities and character like no other flooring finish. As such, they add character to any environment.
  • Genuine wood floors are an appreciating asset that increase the value of a home and they make it easier and quicker to sell upmarket homes at a premium.